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DeWalt DW7080 Miter Saw Extension Kit Category: Home/Family/Home Improvement

Product: DeWalt DW7080 Miter Saw Extension Kit

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Description: The DeWalt DW7080 is an extension accessory for DW703 DW706 DW708 DW712 DW715 DW716 and DW718 miter saws. The Extension kit provides additional support for material. The DeWalt Extension Kit stores easily by sliding under base. It includes 1 pair of 20-Inch rods end plate and mounting hardware.   Features: Compatible with DeWalt Miter Saws including DW703 DW706 DW708 DW712 DW715 DW716 and DW718 Models. What's In the Box: DeWalt DW7080 Miter Saw Extension Kit

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Bessey KR3.540 40-Inch K-Body REVO Clamp
Eclipse 400-040 LAN Tester
Porter-Cable 43086PC 5/16-inch Roundover Router Bit
Jet 707000 10-Inch Jobsite Tablesaw
Incra BKITSTART Build-It System Starter Kit
General International Excalibur 50-SLT60P 62-Inch Sliding Table
Porter Cable 43206 1/8 Ctst 1 Flute
Senco P19BPE 16-Gauge Wide Crown 1-3/4-inch Galvanized Staples - 5000
Porto-Power B65407 Hydraulic Set
Bessey BC 3-Inch x 3-Inch x 14-3/4-Inch Cross Bar for the BC Reco Indu

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Flex 255329 Finger Belt Sander 120 Grit Sanding Belt 10-Pack Category: Home/Family/Home Improvement

Product: Flex 255329 Finger Belt Sander 120 Grit Sanding Belt 10-Pack

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Description: The Flex 255329 is a pack of 10 Sanding Belt of 9 mm 120 Grit for LBS 1105 VE Finger Belt Sander. The wheel is used with 9 mm sanding arm. The Flex 255329 is used for sanding polishing in glass ceramics wood metal paint & varnish surfaces and metal finishing.   Features: 120 Grit for fine sanding or polishing of a variety of materials. Designed for use with the Flex LBS 1105 VE Finger Belt Sander. What's In the Box: Flex 255329 Finger Belt Sander 120 Grit Sanding Belt 10-Pack

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Duo-Fast CS178HDG .086 1 7/8 Ring Shank HDG Nail 3600/Bx
Milwaukee 48-20-3902 1/2 x 13-Inch Bit SDS Max
Johnson RAS-170B-ORAN 12 Inch Structo-Cast Raft Ang Sq Orange
Milwaukee 48-20-7065 BIT SDS 3/4" X 12"
Johnson RAS-70B-ORAN 7 Inch Structo-Cast Rafter Ang Sq Orange
Milwaukee 48-62-4081 18" FLAT CHISEL
Johnson 1500-2400 24" HD Aluminum I-Beam
Milwaukee 48-89-2721 - 15/64" Thunderbolt Black Oxide Drill Bit
Bosch GT1000 1 Inch Glass and Tile Bit
Milwaukee 48-89-2736 - 15/32" Thunderbolt Black Oxide Drill Bit
Bosch GT500 3/8 Inch Glass and Tile Bit
Hobart 770191 Clear Welding Helmet Replacement Lens - 2 Pack
Big Horn 11439 4-Inch Plastic Blast Gate
Kreg KMS7727 4-foot Left-to-Right Reading Non Adhesive Measuring Tape
Mirka 23615220 5-Inch 220-Grit Dustless Hook & Loop Sanding Disc 50-Pa
Mercer 300080C 4-inch Abrasive Disc 80 Grit
Irwin 10231 UniBit #1 Step Drill Bit with 13 Hole Sizes
Hyde 02996 Black and Silver Pail Opener
Acme A1454 4oz. Air Tool Lubricant
SawStop MBCNS000 Contractor Saw Mobile Base
Milwaukee 49-56-9085 10-Piece Big Hawg Hole Saw Kit
AO Safety 94027 6-Foot Tybak Shock Lanyard
Milwaukee 49-22-4145 10-Piece Plumbers Ice Hardened Hole Saw Kit
Grip 85130 Adjustable Angle Welding Magnet
Grip 28335 Heavy Duty 48-Inch Elastic Hold-Down Straps
Fein 6-37-06-014-02-6 Mini E-Cut Extra Fine-Grit Diamond Sharpening Bl
Grip 27170 3-Piece Air Spray Gun Tube Brush Cleaner Set
DeWalt DCD920KX 14.4-Volt Cordless 1/2-inch Drill Driver
DeWalt DW4304 5-Inch 8-Hole 150-Grit Hook & Loop Sanding Disc - Pack o
DeWalt DCD950KX 18-Volt Cordless 1/2-inch Hammer Drill Driver
Paslode 650434 2-3/8-Inch x 0.113-Inch Round Head Framing Nails
DeWalt DW6214 1/4-inch Heavy-Duty Collet for DW616 DW618 and DW621
Paslode 402500 6-Volt Battery for Impulse Staplers
Altraco SHS-29S Jobber Drill Set 29-Piece
Big Horn 19084 1/8Inch Radius Plane
Grip 29250 Non Slip Matting
Bessey D29ASSL-BE Shape and Straight Left Cutting Snip
Tenryu IA-20360DN 8-Inch x 60T x 5/8-Inch Non-Ferrous Blade
Porter-Cable 43921PC Solid Surface Bowl & Sink Trim
Festool 495994 5-inch Brilliant2 320-Grit Sandpaper - 10 Pack
Porter Cable 43914PC Solid Surface Router Bit
Duo-Fast 650514 3-inch Brite Smooth Round Head Framing Nails - 1 000 P
Porter Cable 43913PC Roundover Bowl Router Bit
Duo-Fast 650515 3-inch Brite Smooth Round Head Framing Nails - 1 000 P
Porter-Cable 43911PC Solid Surface Ogee
Grip 43142 151-Pc Eye Bolt Assortment
Porter-Cable 43759PC 1/4 inches Ogee With Fillet
Acme A954FD-BL 3/8-inch x 1/4-inch Hex Coupling
Porter-Cable 43593PC 3/16 inch Beading Router Bit
Delta 50-486 4-inch Dust Collection Plastic T Connector

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