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ISC Helicopter-OG Surface Guard Tape (8 mil Outdoor Grade) Category: Auto/Boat/Plane/Misc.

Product: ISC Helicopter-OG Surface Guard Tape (8 mil Outdoor Grade)

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Description: ISC Helicopter-OG Surface Guard Tape (8 mil Outdoor Grade) is an extremely tough conformable polyurethane tape which was formerly referred to as helicopter/leading edge wing tape. It provides excellent paint protection from punctures, tearing, abrasion and erosion and is available in an indoor grade or an outdoor grade. Indoor grade can be used anywhere it will not be directly exposed to ultra violet light (the sun). If exposed to sun light, it may yellow over time. Outdoor grade provides excellent protection against ultra violet light, temperature extremes and automotive solvents. Outdoor grade will not yellow over time. Be sure to take note that ISC Surface Guard Tape is made of Polyurethane material not PVC or Vinyl. These other types cannot, and will not, take the abuse that Polyurethane will. Applications for the surface protection tape are endless and include: bicycle frames, body panels on race cars, ground effects, top fuel wings, bumpers, tailgates, trailer walls, Sprint car wings, roll cages, toolboxes, headlights, wheel wells, truck beds, and door and hood edges. Also used to protect bar code labels under extreme conditions like at ski resorts. Anywhere there is a surface, unpainted or painted, that is prone to scratching, chipping or weathering, ISC's Surface Guard Tape can do the job. Super tough film requires razor knife or scissors for cutting. Supplied on 92 lb. easy release polycoated liner. Requires no heat or solvent to activate. * Items marked as retail package come in a retail blister pack with hanger holes (currently only the 12 ft. length rolls come in a retail package). This product was mentioned in the October 2008 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News (page 48 Product Report).

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Nashua 557 Premium Grade Flex Duct Tape Category: Parts/Equipment/HVAC (Heating and Air Conditioning)

Product: Nashua 557 Premium Grade Flex Duct Tape

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Description: Nashua 557 Premium Grade Flex Duct Tape is high performance duct tape specially engineered for flex duct systems (PRINTED). The tape acts as a superior closure system for use with flexible air ducts and air connectors. Recommended for use on UL list flexible air ducts in accordance with manufacturers' installation instructions. For use in heating, air conditioning, ventilating and refrigeration applications. Suitable for bonding, protecting, holding, repairing, and patching. Nashua 557 is a UL 181B-FX listed product. It possesses excellent shear properties and superior quality, performance, and tensile strength. Shows excellent resistance to mold growth, humidity, flame spread, smoke generation, and the effects of high temperatures. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

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